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Massage is a simple, hands-on therapy and regular sessions can (together with a sensible diet and exercise) keep you feeling fit, healthy and supple. As well as inducing relaxation, massage promotes circulation, helps to maintain joint flexibility, relieve muscle tension and prevent musculoskeletal injury.

Appointment Details
  • Relief from chronic back pain
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage
  • Increased feelings of relaxation through reducing muscle tension
  • Improved joint flexibility
  • Improved muscle mobility and strength
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Muscle stiffness and tension
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Strains and sprains
  • Chronic back ache
  • Digestive problems such as constipation
  • As part of a palliative care plan
  • Deep tissue
  • Swedish/Holistic Massage
  • Sports
  • Remedial
  • Therapeutic
  • Pregnancy and post natal

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Sabrina specialises in Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Post-Natal Massage. She is extremely intuitive in holding space during treatments, and is able to connect with a wide range of clients, Male and Female. Sabrina takes great satisfaction using various massage techniques, and loves to see clear improvements in people’s wellbeing.
During the journey of Pregnancy, Sabrina realised that she also wanted to broaden her focus as a healer, by offering maternity support to pregnant women. She furthered her training by studying pregnancy massage with renowned Body-worker and Birth Educator, Suzanne Yates at Well Mother.

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage
  • Swedish/Holistic Massage

Sabrina’s passion for life and people led her to become a highly respected and recommended massage therapist. Originally from France, she made her way to London where she lived for 15 years. The calling of nature and beautiful Devon brought her to Totnes in 2016, where she is now offering deep healing work. Clients often comment on her calm, warm, caring nature, as well as a down-to-earth approach to her work. Sabrina finds massage therapy extremely satisfying, and believes it is a very effective way of healing and nurturing the body and mind.
Sabrina’s fascination for life and the wonders of the universe keep her busy contemplating and dreaming. She is also someone who loves nature, animals, and going for long walks. Sabrina is grateful for being where she is now, and having so much to discover in this beautiful part of the world.

Qualified in Deep Tissue Massage, Sabrina offers a powerful hands-on treatment, providing you with a unique tailor made bodywork session. She will aim at releasing deeply held tensions by focussing on breaking down painful adhesions. Sabrina uses some Swedish massage techniques, and a mix of reinforced thumb, palm, forearm and elbow pressure. The movements are slower, the pressure firmer, and concentrated on problem areas.

Sabrina is qualified and insured to work in all 3 trimesters, and also with higher risk and post-natal clients. Trained by Pioneer in the maternity bodywork field Suzanne Yates at Well Mother, Sabrina has acquired the skills to provide you with a great treatment, while working safely and effectively. Her treatments are tailor made and suited to your needs and wishes. A typical session may include a blend of Shiatsu, Energy Work, Swedish Techniques and Stretches. Aftercare and exercise suggestions may also be offered.
Sabrina also offers sessions for couples, where partners can be taught basic massage techniques to alleviate aches and pains during pregnancy and labour from mums-to-be. Advice on active labour, breastfeeding, and general support is also provided for future parents.

This is a great massage if you are looking for deep relaxation and letting go. Sabrina finds this treatment very powerful, and uses various techniques such as long strokes, stretches, basic Shiatsu, Energy Work and Breathing Techniques according to your needs. She recommends this treatment if you want a more gentle therapy, it will leave you feeling physically relaxed, and mentally uplifted.
She has acquired her qualification in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, and in Holistic Massage (formerly known as Swedish Massage)

Sabrina values a professional and safe approach in her work. Hands on massage time for your first treatment is likely to be 50 minutes to allow for a 10 minute, initial pre treatment consultation, discussing your health, lifestyle, and treatment needs.
If you are able to complete a pre consultation form in advance of your first session, which can be emailed to you, this will enable Sabrina to plan ahead for your treatment, and mean that you will receive more hands-on massage time. If you would prefer to go through the initial consultation form face-to-face, you may wish to book a 90-minute appointment, in order to allow plenty of time for your massage.

  • Holistic Massage

    thepractice has expanded to include various hands on massage therapies...

    Deep tissue massage - Sports massage - Remedial massage - Holistic massage - Swedish massage - Seated acupressure massage - Pregnancy and postnatal massage
  • Kathryn Miller

    Kathryn Miller BSc, MSc, ITEC, MFHT

    Massage Therapist
  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage

    Kathryn is a fully-qualified massage therapist specialising in sports and remedial massage

Kathryn Miller specialises in sports and remedial massage, and pregnancy massage and is skilled in treating a variety of symptoms and conditions including neck and shoulder pain, back pain, stress and anxiety and muscle tension as well as sports injuries.  


Kathryn is a fully qualified and insured massage therapist practising sports and remedial massage, Swedish massage, and pregnancy and postnatal massage. Kathryn tailors each massage treatment to the individual client.

She works with people ranging from worn-out working professionals busy parents to triathletes, ultra-runners and amateur rugby players. She also has experience working with members of the wider community including seniors (age 60+), minors (under-16s), and people with cancer, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. Kathryn participates in sporting events such as marathons and half-marathons, at which she offers pre and post-event sports massage.

Kathryn is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys hill walking, trail running, cycling and horse riding. She is currently working towards her REPS qualification in personal training and gym instruction.

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Holistic massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Seated acupressure massage
  • Pregnancy and postnatal massage

Before your first treatment, Kathryn will take your medical history to enable her to tailor your treatment to your needs; this will take 10-15 minutes. Please book a 60 or 90-minute appointment for your initial treatment.
Kathryn will give you personalised aftercare advice, which might include specific stretches or mobility exercises.

Classic Swedish massage, also called holistic massage, is a hands-on therapy that enhances feelings of well-being and encourages relaxation. It is designed to help you slow down, rest your weary muscles and joints and enjoy ‘me’ time.

The deep tissue massage techniques used in sports massage help to release knots and tension in muscle fibres experienced in conditions including chronic back or neck pain or restricted range of movement in one or more joints. Sports massage is often used in rehabilitation from injury or illness and in preventing musculoskeletal injury.

In sports and remedial massage, Kathryn commonly uses techniques such as passive and dynamic stretches, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release and trigger point therapy.

Kathryn holds an advanced postgraduate qualification in pregnancy and postnatal massage and is fully qualified and insured to massage in all three trimesters.

As a woman’s body adapts to accommodate the new baby, her pelvis rotates forwards, causing her lumbar spine to increase its curvature, which puts pressure on the abdominal muscles as the baby grows. For many women, the lower back and gluteals feel particularly achy as the body adjusts to accommodate the baby and this, including other changes such as weight gain, cramps and headaches can lead to feelings of physical tiredness and emotional fluctuations.

Massage can take place within a few days of giving birth, providing there have been no complications. Massage is a wonderful treatment to ease muscular tension and for a mother-to-be or a new mother to feel pampered.

To discuss any specific requirements you may have, or to talk in more depth about a treatment, please contact Kathryn.  

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