Located in the centre of Totnes, thepractice is a bright, fresh and contemporary environment where all patients and their needs are treated with respect and care. Totnes has a long tradition of attracting those who look towards the ‘alternative’ as readily as they might the conventional. It boasts a plethora of therapists and health centres and is considered by many as a leading centre for complementary healthcare. more

Wearing Masks

Wearing a mask are no longer required at the practice but should you wish to wear one or would like us to wear a mask please do ask before you appointment and we would be happy to oblige

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We focus on the core disciplines of Osteopathy and Acupuncture. In addition other disciplines have been carefully selected to support and further advance the patients’ wellbeing including Therapeutic Massage, Nutrition, Yoga, Shiatsu, Chinese Herbs, Posture and Pilates.

The right treatment for you at thepractice

The aim of treatment is to help all clients feel comfortable, listened to and to be involved in all treatment decisions, enabling and supporting an effective recovery to good health.

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Pilates is a body-conditioning method that works in a different way to other fitness techniques. Targeting the deep postural muscles.

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Acupuncture is a system of healing which has been practised in China and other Eastern countries for thousands of years.

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A real and online community for those wanting to focus on bone strength and joint function drawing on a Pilates-based exercise programme and is suitable for all ages.

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Massage is a great way to feel more relaxed and to ease out any general aches and pains.

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The posture clinic offers a team of osteopaths and Pilates teachers who work together to bring you a more effective treatment outcome.

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